Dementia Awareness

Be the victim…

Imagine that all of your memories, the very memories that allow you to perceive your being, define an existence on this earth, slowly become corrupted. Progressively losing your abilities to; recognize others, perform rote tasks, separate reality from imagination, love from enmity. Then time progresses, leaving you with scattered pieces of your past, randomly strung together then interspersed with the worst of your demons. Just for a minute, forget the pain and grief that dementia causes for those who are forced to watch their loved ones succumb to its unbreakable grasp — for a minute imagine the terror of the afflicted.

Demented Abyss

We created this short film to invoke reflection and conversation about the oft internalized terror that victims of dementia can experience. Caretakers of those suffering in its grasp will find their abilities and patience to aide — outlived by the progression of the disease. An affliction that robs one’s mind while leaving the body relatively unscathed. Time and again the caregivers will garner sympathy from others for “their” loss and pain. But meanwhile, society relegates the sometimes unmanageable afflicted as lost incommunicable causes. Let’s make an effort to show compassion and stop dementia from preying upon all of us.

Demented Abyss Poster

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