Gone Bananas

Ever wonder why people are so rude to cyclists?

56 years of riding bicycles and I still have no explanation for the aggressive and dangerous actions of others targeting cyclists(though lately I think that the behaviors of some cyclists create loads of animosity towards all cyclists). Post below contains much of my justification…

Here’s a few of my top encounters on the road both funny and scary:

  • Forced into a tall curb by a vehicle that was behind but sped up to pass in front of me and turn right. (super common occurrence)
  • The wonderful girls of my younger days leaning out of car windows to grab my backside.
  • Drivers honking their horns and screaming “get on the sidewalk where you belong. (this is a category of its own… folks who really believe cyclists don’t belong or are not legally allowed on the road).
  • Water, cigarettes, spit, gum, plastic bottles, fruit, trash and now banana peels flung at me.

So back to the present focus of Bananas and tech, pedaling along my way home, while maintaining as close a distance to curb as feasible, I felt a wet SPLOT on my back. What could it be? At the moment I didn’t know what struck me, but I knew it was thrown at me from the passing car. What was the giveaway you ask? well as they passed the passenger was smirking out the window and the sound of adults laughing like kindergartners filled the street. Thanks to modern technology, I don’t have to explain it cause’ it can just be watched. My Varia radar recorded the following (slightly edited for clarity)…

The moment of impact

On a scale of one to ten, I put this at a three, mildly annoying, but not rising to the “could cause me to crash” level of angst. Cheers Boys, you hit a slow moving old guy with a banana peel, a wonderful 420 fueled story to tell your friends. Yes, I too was a young ass, different pranks though we were harmless and clever. Enjoy your ride, don’t skid out on any loose peels.

SHAMELESS PLUG HERE, if you have a Garim Varia you might wight want one of these / shop local…

P.S. If any one encounters these folks, please let them know that composting on asphalt is really just littering.

Gee…THANKS (gotta love ai, I’m not worried about skynet just yet)

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